Brass Kitchen Faucets

A brass kitchen faucet, no matter how ordinary it may seem, bring a number of pros in your kitchen. Whether you put premium on the faucet’s form or its function, purchasing a brass faucet will do great in both accounts.


Brass faucets exude a rustic appeal that is not often achieved in other faucets. If you should ever revamp your entire kitchen to make it look more Tuscan, installing brass sink faucets is the most logical thing to go. The warm color of the brass will blend with the deep and rich colors of a Tuscan style kitchen. Brass faucets also come in different finishes. Brass kitchen faucets come as chrome plated, antique finished, nickel finished, lacquered and polished. You can choose from the assortment of brass faucets the one with the appropriate finish that will suit your kitchen’s look. And because it is made of metal, faucets made of brass won’t lose its place even in contemporary style kitchens.

Brass faucets


Brass offers a higher level of durability as compared to faucets of other nature. First, it has high tensile strength which means that it won’t just crack or chip that easily. At the same time, brass is capable of tolerating very high temperatures. This makes brass faucets a great choice for hot water distribution. If you are looking for a piece to invest in, getting a brass kitchen faucet that is made by a reputed manufacturer is the soundest decision you will ever make. You can be rest assured that your faucet will still be around 10 or 20 years down the road.
Brass faucets


The usual problem with metal is their vulnerability to corrosion. Corrosion is known as the oxidation of metals which leads to subsequent thinning and deterioration. Often, corrosion is accompanied by rust. Corrosion is seen as a problem because it deteriorates the quality of several metals and the rust removes any aesthetic appeal that the metal has, and not to mention dangerous health-wise. However, brass is one of the exceptional metals that are not subject to corrosion.

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Brass faucets are one of the most common fixtures that are being sold in the market. But it is imperative that you get the ones that are made by well-established and reputed manufacturers. Kohler creates faucets using solidd brass and die-cast zinc for increased durability and superior performance. Other brass kitchen faucet manufacturers are Delta kitchen faucet, Grohe kitchen faucets, Moen and Danze.

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