Copper Kitchen Faucets

The copper kitchen faucet is one of the more popular kitchen fixtures to date. The reason behind that fame is anchored on the aesthetic appeal and the functionality of a copper faucet. You don’t have to be a genius to know that copper and all its products are exude a reddish color is lustrous and earthy at the same time.

Copper, as a metal, is known to possess a number of desirable qualities like resistance to corrosion, malleability, heat conduction and biostatic. Although copper sink faucets may be more expensive as compared to other kinds of faucets. best kitchen faucets


Copper is one of the very few metals that have a natural color other than gray and silver. Only gold and caesium are in the same league as copper. Have you ever wondered why most metals look exactly like each other because of their grayish or silver finish? Because of the reddish to orange-like color of copper, copper faucets are often chosen to complete a kitchen that is inspired by the colors of Tuscany or a seaside villa. And because copper has a natural finish, you don’t have to worry about the color of your copper faucet fading in time.
Copper Faucets


Copper is able to resist corrosion. Corrosion, or rusting, is a common product of a specific metal being in direct contact with water and moisture. This makes faucets susceptible to the phenomenon. But not all metals are affected by corrosion. Copper is one of those metals. As long as copper is not used in conjunction with another metal, like iron, everything should work out well.

Heat Conduction

Copper is a favorite metal for use in different refrigerators and other systems that make carry heated water. The reason for such is because copper is able to conduct heat. What this means is that a copper kitchen faucet is an excellent metal in carrying hot substances because it is resistant to damage in high temperatures and it maintains the heat of the substance it is dispensing. This makes copper-made faucets appropriate for hot water distribution.
Copper Faucets


Often, it is better to have metals that are easily flexed than those that are really hard but then they chip over time. Copper has increased malleability.


Biostatic means that bacteria are not able to proliferate in the metal. Copper kitchen faucets are not just easy to clean but also non-conducive for bacterial growth.


If you are looking for a copper kitchen faucet manufacturer that has a number of designs to boot, you should definitely look at Kohler copper faucets. But if you are looking for simple yet sound engineering, Moen and Grohe kitchen faucets are the companies to browse through.

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