American Standard Kitchen Faucets

American Standard is one of the oldest and most respected names in kitchen and bathroom products. It is a leading brand in the United States, Canada, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. When it comes to kitchen fixtures, American Standard kitchen faucets are the way to go.

For over a century now American Standard has been inventing new ways to innovate its products. American Standard kitchen faucets have gone a long way with an unmatched legacy of quality. These kitchen faucets are sold to over 3000 plumbing wholesale outlets and 4000 retail stores, including Lowe’s, Home Depot and Menard’s, retailers for the worlds largest brands in kitchen devices such as Kohler, Elkay and Franke. best kitchen faucets
American standard faucets

Recently all American Standard kitchen faucets manufactured have been WaterSense®-certified. In order to meet the standard requirements of California and Vermont, these faucets have been upgraded to be ultimately lead-free. All American Standard residential lavatory and kitchen faucets today contain less than one-quarter of one percent (0.25%) total lead content by weighted average.

To attain this new lead-free standard, American Standard prides itself on being the one of the few brands that engineers its kitchen faucets with solid-brass kitchen faucet materials. Better than faucets made with plastic components, American Standard kitchen faucets are less sensitive to high temperatures or temperature fluctuations, which are the usual causes of faucet failures and which eventually lead to water damage.

Also, American Standard kitchen faucets are now incorporated with pressure-compensating aerators. These aerators provide 32% more water savings over other standard models. Without sacrificing performance, these faucets can save over 500 gallons of water annually in individual households. In addition, American Standard kitchen faucet are equipped with washer-less ceramic disc valves for a lifetime of water-saving performance and prevention against potential waste caused by dripping faucets.

American Standard kitchen faucets cover a wide range of distinctive collections. Whatever your taste in kitchen fixtures might be, there is a perfect kitchen faucet available for you. Here are a few of the most popular American Standard collections.

The Pekoe Collection

When American Standard conceived of a kitchen faucet that would fit all genres of kitchen designs, it built the Pekoe Collection. The Pekoe faucet collection includes simple and stylish faucets which were architectured to accentuate every kitchen design. This collection includes high-arching faucets for kitchen and bar sinks. They are either pull-out or pull-down models that give the kitchen a contemporary look. This American Standard kitchen faucet collection was especially designed to complement kitchens that display natural countertop surfaces with single hole kitchen faucet installations.

American standard faucets
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The Heritage Collection 

The Heritage Collection was designed for all kinds of kitchens, whether for residential or commercial use. It provides a classic feel that gives your kitchen unique, hardworking look. These American Standard kitchen faucets are also offered with a limited lifetime warranty on the finish and function of the faucets.

The Arch Collection

The American Standard Arch Collection is a collection of American Standard kitchen faucets and other kitchen fixtures inspired by the creations of architect Eero Saarinen, designer of St. Louis’ Gateway Arch. It is ideal for those who prefer kitchens with a contemporary design. The faucets in this collection have single lever controls and have stainless steel or polished chrome finishes.

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